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Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite by Zen Rose Garden

The Heart of Mysticism

Gemstone, Crystal, Quartz, Bracelet

8mm Round Beads

7-3/4" (197 mm) Center Line: one size fits most

Small Size Option: 6.5" (165 mm) Center Line: for kids & really small wrists

Made on Stretch Magic String

Color: blue, gray, green, black, gold, yellow.

Location: Canada, Russia, Finland, Greenland, Italy, Scandinavia

Rarity: readily available.

Looks Like: iridescent stone with layers of color. When polished it appears dark blue, green or black & flashes various colors as light catches its surface. Yellow or Gold Labradorite is transparent & is usually found in small, tumbled pieces.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Description: Labradorite is a member of the Feldspar group of crystals, a silicate crystal known for its "labradorescence", it is found in a range of iridescent colors; blue-green, gray-green, black-deep green, grayish white & golden yellow. Labradorite gemstones refract light with iridescent flashes of ranges of blue from peacock blue to light blue, gold, green & sometimes red & gold due to its aggregate layers. This iridescence is sometimes called "flash" or "flame".

Golden Labradorite or Yellow Labradorite is transparent gold to champagne color.

Spectrolite or Blue Labradorite is a variety of Labradorite discovered in Finland in the 1940's that reflects grays with intense color variations to ranges of the entire color spectrum.

Black Rainbow Moonstone is a Grey Labradorite that has variations of soft grey colors with flecks of black.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Metaphysical Properties: Metaphysically, Labradorite is known as a "Stone of Magic", or Magic Stone, used for centuries by those who seek knowledge from the greater Universe, such as Shamans, Healers, Seers & Mystics to enhance abilities of clairvoyance, prophecy, mediumship & to expand "the inner eye" or Third Eye to gain hidden wisdom & knowledge. One of the names this gemstone has been given is "Temple of the Stars" which highlights its ability to expand intuitive awareness. For every person, the "Shaman Within" can use Labradorite stones for self-discovery, awakening, inner awareness, psychic abilities & expanding intuition in order to understand & guide their own destiny.

Some say Labradorite is the most powerful protective stone of all the gems & minerals in the world. It is known as a Barrier Filter Crystal, a powerful Filter Crystal which keeps negative energy away while keeping good energy flowing to you & within you. These types of crystals possess an inner trapezium form, meaning, it has no right angles but is a triclinic crystalline structure that moves in all directions providing barriers to block negativity & misfortune coming from everywhere simultaneously creating a powerful shield within the aura. It is also known in Metaphysical circles as a stone that banishes invasive entities from your field.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Chakra Healing Energy: Even though Labradorite reflects many colors & can balance the chakras of the whole body, it is primarily a blue crystal which opens, heals & balances the Third Eye, Crown Chakra & Throat Chakra. The darker shades of blue encourage truth where the lighter shades encourage flexibility. Altogether, Labradorite tends to create an incredible balance of elemental & Pranic forces within the Aura, Meridians, Energy Field & Chakra Systems. It is highly recommended for use when desiring to unite & align the Etheric & Physical Bodies.

Golden Labradorite (Yellow Labradorite) is a yellow, gold form of Labradorite excellent for opening the lower chakras & used frequently for ritual & magical practice.

Spectrolite works in a transpersonal, interdimensional way to open one's Rainbow Body to gain access & awareness of higher realms & dimensions.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Psychological & Mental Healing Energy: Blue Labradorite Bracelets bring life & structure to the imagination while calming the "monkey mind" or, the overactive mind. Here, new ideas can flourish in a mind that is well balanced & calm. By extension, we have a more positive outlook as we see the world & others in a better light. Labradorite helps the mind stay focused on the goodness in the world & not become overwhelmed by negative influences in the world at large.

Because Labradorite creates a bridge to the Subconscious Mind, it can bring deeply buried memories to the surface for healing, understanding & release as we discover root issues for previous mental confusion, angst & cloudiness. With deeper mental triggers cleared up, we can experience clear contemplation, introspection, & intellectual thinking combined with our innate intuitive wisdom. Now, having dispelled mental illusions, we are uplifted, experience faith, trust in the universal mind, self-reliance, a fearless state of being & of course, peace.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Spiritual Healing Energy: The energy of Labradorite is used by Shamans & Light Workers to gain ease of access to other worlds of thought & energy where knowledge may be gained for healing & expansion. Not only does Labradorite's energy assist in the ease of mobility between worlds, expanding mediumship & past life recall, but it is known as a powerful protective stone for the energy field as one makes these journeys allowing for a grounded & safe return to physical reality. Labradorite is known for stopping the loss of your energy while preventing others from draining your energy. Indeed, the same qualities in its crystal structure that make Labradorite a powerful protector also make it a powerful stone for exploring alternate levels of consciousness, visions & past & future impressions as it strengthens the natural energies within your aura & provides a safe, strong vehicle for spiritual exploration.

Labradorite is a highly mystical gemstone which is said to prepare both soul & body for ascension. Traditionally, it holds deep & profound esoteric wisdom which can lead to a new paradigm of transformation, change, greater willpower, self-worth, strength, persistence, empowerment & a continued communication with your Higher Self.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Emotional Healing Energy: Labradorite is helpful for expanding joy, spontaneity & happiness in your life. For those that feel emotionally drained or apathetic in their current life, Labradorite is a gemstone known for bringing back a sense of adventure, change & expansion to what may have become an otherwise draining daily routine.

With Labradorite in your energy field to buoy up emotional fortitude, you become more aware of previous destructive patterns that may have led to selfishness & addictions. Now, you are more motivated to seek forgiveness from yourself & others, your temper is in balance & you have more compassion & desire to serve others for the greater good.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Zodiac: Because of Labradorite's unique blend of water energy with its iridescent frozen fire qualities, this gemstone resonates with water signs Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio as well as the fire signs Leo, Aries & Sagittarius.

Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal Birthstone: Labradorite is not a traditional birthstone but it vibrates with those born in the months of February & March during the time the world is getting ready to burst forth with the new life of Spring.

Labradorite Gods, Goddesses & Angel Crystals: Labradorite calls the energy of Zadkiel, the Mercy Angel. Call on Zadkiel when things just seem so overwhelming that you can barely stand it. Here is where you need the grace of "mercy". Call Zadkiel for the healing powers of mercy.

Labradorite also resonates with Archangel Raguel who arrives to assist you in healing relationships.

Sedna, the Inuit Goddess of the Sea resonates with Labradorite. Shamans & those wishing to visit her, had to pass through dangers to arrive at her domain beneath the ocean to gain wisdom & have favors granted. Labradorite here works its dual nature of facilitating the mystical journey & protecting the spiritual seeker. If one is brave enough to conquer fears & make the crossing, he or she is rewarded with wisdom & peace.

Arianrhod, the Welsh Goddess of Moon, Stars, Prophecy & Dreams vibrates to the crystal Labradorite. She is believed to live in the Aurora Borealis, from which the stone Labradorite was said to have fallen, where souls return at death & wait to be reborn.

Labradorite Crystal History: Early physicians were said to use Labradorite for lung issues, respiratory problems, skin disorders, psoriasis, smoking addiction, seizures, brain disorders, colds, digestion, stomach disorders, eye disorders, to heat the body, gout, menstrual symptoms, releasing addictions, stress, anxiety, to sharpen a weak mind & even to eliminate warts.

Even though Labradorite had been referenced for centuries by Inuit tribes & used by the Boethuk people of Newfoundland & Labrador, Labradorite was first discovered in the West in 1770 by Moravian missionaries in Labrador, Canada after which it became a very sought after stone in Europe.

The Inuit people have a legend that tells of Labradorite falling from the "frozen fire" of the Aurora Borealis as a gift from the ancestors. Another Inuit legend tells that the Northern Lights were created when a brave warrior struck Labradorite with his spear. Sometimes, Labradorite is referred to as the "Aurora Borealis Stone" or the "Northern Lights Stone" because of these legends.

In the Orient, Labradorite was considered a "phenomenal gem". Phenomenal Gems show a movement within the gemstone such as a star, a moving line or light changes on the surface. Labradorite was considered to bring good fortune to the wearer & must be worn on Saturdays.

Because of Labradorite's "labradorescence", some have called Labradorite the "temple of the stars" as they believe it is of extraterrestrial origin & has the ability to bring other more evolved planetary beings to the bearer of this crystal to increase energies from more advanced worlds onto Planet Earth.

What to do with Blue Labradorite Bracelet Spectrolite Crystal: Carry or wear Labradorite to bring dormant magical powers to the surface. "The Stone of Magic", Labradorite, is used to open hidden psychic powers within the self, such as the power of divination, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Prophecy, Past-Life Recall, Spirit Guide Communication, Mediumship or Psychic Readings.

Because of Labradorite's qualities as a Barrier Filter Crystal, use it by your computer or cell phone to dissipate harmful electromagnetic smog. Taping a flat Labradorite Cabochon to the back of your cell phone works well for this.

Keep Labradorite in the workplace to increase happiness & cooperation.

Use Labradorite for opening the Akashic Records.

Carry or wear Labradorite to calm & temper negative aspects of your personality such as shame, anger, depression, rage or jealousy. Often these behaviors lead to anti-social or irresponsible actions. Use Labradorite as a talisman to offset & prevent these tendencies.

Some have used Labradorite as a talisman to assist in detoxifying from tobacco, alcohol or drug use.

Labradorite is used by healing touch therapists to increase sensitivity in the palm chakras. This is a good stone for any therapist that works with their hands.

Labradorite is used in meditation to connect with yourself as a "light being", to surpass limitations based on fears of the past & release false, limited expectations of the future. Now, you can welcome unlimited possibilities as you realize you are a pure, universal being of divinity that is always connected to light & love.

Meditating with Golden Labradorite opens channels to Archangels while healing tears or weak spots in your aura.

Meditate with Spectrolite Labradorite to raise consciousness & to take multi-dimensional journeys.

Use Labradorite as a pendulum or divination tool to focus & amplify your natural abilities or if you or the person you are reading needs to make the best out of any temporary situation that is less than ideal.

In Chinese Feng Shui, Labradorite vibrates Water Energy which is the energy of purification & stillness. Water is allowing & moving, yet very powerful. Within water are untapped potentials, the power of rebirth, baptism & contemplation surrounding the cycle of life itself. Water crystals, such as Labradorite, should be placed in spaces of meditation, prayer or relaxation. Place Labradorite in North areas of a home or room, in the Career & Life Path areas, to keep energy balanced & flowing toward things you wish to accomplish.

Note: in some recent Feng Shui systems, Blue Crystals are associated with Earth, as Earth is called the "blue planet". Use your intuition when placing these Labradorite Stones. If desired, place them in BOTH Water areas & Earth areas.

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